A Chat With Rosemary

(Before anyone panics, Rosemary told me to do this!)

I had an amazing chat with Rosemary Ceravolo this past weekend and am happy to announce that she would like to begin looking for a publisher for her husband Joe's manuscript, Mad Angels.

We talked for over an hour and while I certainly can't speak for her, I certainly feel like I have a new friend!

Any queries on this front can be sent to amishius (at) yahoo dot com or same handle at gmail dot com.


Andy Nicholson said...

I'm overjoyed! It would be amazing to have to have a Ceravolo manuscript printed at this time. I feel that younger poets, myself included, are becoming drawn to his work in ways that previous generations haven't.

Maybe I'm reading others' reading habits wrong, but the two poets I can imagine getting new levels of recognition are Joe Ceravolo and Jack Spicer.

Atlanta Poets Group said...

Very exciting. I wish someone would republish Fits of Dawn though. My xerox copy is getting wrinkled and nasty.