Signed Copies of Transmigration Solo

Updated January 16, 2015

"This book was designed by Cinda Kornblum. The Centaur type was handset by Allan Kornblum and printed on Strathmore Pastelle text. Of this first edition of 1,100 copies, 100 were numbered and signed by the author, and handbound at the Black Oak Bindery; the remaining 1,000 were smyth sewn and glued into wrappers at the Laurance Press"


I'm hoping to catalog where all 100 signed and numbered copies of Transmigration Solo are. This post will be updated to reflect the ownership of these copies. If you happen to own a copy that's signed and numbered OR if you've seen one somewhere, please email me with a photo or contact information for where you've seen a copy at amishius at gmail dot com.

If you come upon a copy at a bookstore, etc.: The signed page is generally the very last one in the book, facing the back cover. Ceravolo's signature is in small black writing AFTER the number and a period, so


Libraries with copies of the book who I have contacted (unsure if they are signed or not): 
          Emory University
Libraries with copies of the book that are unsigned:
          University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - thanks to Susan Bales for running up several flights of stairs to check!

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